Additional services

will allow guests to book at the same time as booking other services you offer.

For example, an optional breakfast, parking or a bottle of sparkling wine prepared in the room upon arrival.


You can set additional services in:

Settings - Additional services


additional services

1. Popular additional services

To calculate the price correctly, it is necessary to choose the correct type of additional service, ie the price for:

  • room (counts 1 × per stay)
  • night (counts 1 × number of nights)
  • person (counts 1 × number of persons)
  • person and night (number of persons × number of nights)
  • adult and night (number of adults × number of nights) - adults must be filled in
  • piece (the field for ordering the number of pieces is displayed to the guest)
  • piece × night (the guest will see a field for ordering the number of pieces, multiplied by the number of nights)

Examples of popular additional services:

additional services

2. Order additional services when booking

Additional services that have the option checked:

additional services

will be shown to guests upon booking according to their type:

additional services reservation

3. Additional services on account of the room

Additional services booked by the guest can be found on the room account in the editing window of the respective reservation.

You can transfer all items from the room account by clicking the button directly on the selected document type.


room account 2


room account 3


The whisperer also allows you to easily add additional services to your room bill additionally.

Just select an item from the whisperer and the price and VAT rate will be filled in automatically.


room account 4

4. Custom description Price per (e.g. hour)

The service types "Price per /quantity" or "Price per /quantity/night" may sometimes be more appropriate to rename with your own description.

For example, if you want to allow guests to pre-order an e-bike or sauna that you rent at hourly intervals, you can use the label "hour" instead of "/quantity"

own description price per hour

The additional service per hour is then displayed to the guest in the reservation system as follows:

additional service per hour - reservation system

💡If you have set support for other languages, don't forget to enter the label for other language versions on the Translations tab in the add-on service edit window.