The privacy and security of your data is important to us

When developing applications, we put the greatest emphasis on the privacy and security of your data.


Why do we use cookies?

Above all, because without cookies it is not technically possible to implement functions that need to keep information about the visitor accessing the site. For example, it's a shopping cart, multi-step orders, user logon on the system, and so on.


Why do I see a cookie request bar?
According to the European Union directive, the website must ask the user for approval of the use of cookies.


What cookie do we use?

We never store personal or sensitive data in cookies. Trevlix stores only cookies like numeric identifiers, status variables, etc. These are therefore mainly so-called "technical cookies", without which no ordering system or login to a user account could work.


What other services that cookies use may still appear on our site?

In particular, these are statistical and advertising services such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook pixel and the like.


How can I select and change cookie consent options?
Consent to individual categories of cookies is granted by each visitor using the cookie consent bar. All cookies, except for technical cookies, necessary for the basic functions of the website, can be enabled or disabled by the visitor. You can change the settings of individual categories of cookies at any time here.