Terms and Conditions

I. General conditions


1. These Terms and Conditions govern the rights and obligations of the Service Provider and Customer. The service is using Trevlix web application (hereinafter referred to as the Service). The service Provider is ASCON IT, s.r.o. IČ 07129599 with registered office at V Zátiší 810/1, Mariánské Hory, 709 00 Ostrava, Czech republic, registered with the Regional Court in Ostrava, file mark C 74595. The service Customer is a natural person or a company who has ordered a service over the Internet, personally, by telephone or in any other way.


II. Provider's rights and obligations


1. The Provider undertakes to provide a service within the period specified on www.trevlix.com for a period of time subscribed by the Customer. Service functionality can be freely tested by the customer in a demo. For the basic version of the Service, the customer can order additional optional services or features at extra costs. Prices and conditions for these optional features are available at www.trevlix.com or may be communicated on request.


2. Provider guarantees 99.9% availability of the Service on an annual basis.


3. If the Service could only be used in part or could not be used for a technical or operational defect on the part of the provider, the provider's liability towards the customer is limited to the obligation to promptly remedy the defect and to reduce the rental price for the period the customer could not use the service in full or in agreement with the customer to provide the service in a substitute way.


4. The provider is liable for any damages caused by inaccessibility or defect of the Service up to the maximum amount of paid regular fee by the Customer.


5. The Provider is not responsible for failures and outages of the Internet and the quality of services provided by third parties.


6. The Provider is entitled to use the name or logo of the Customer's Company for reference purposes unless the Customer disagrees with it. Provider has the right to sign the service name or logo with a link - in the public section of the service and in automatic messages sent by the service.


7. The Provider is entitled to change the scope, quality and price of services, or to terminate the operation of existing services due to inflation, the introduction of new services, changes in market conditions, the development of new technologies, etc. The services that have been terminated are replaced by the operation of other similar services , if technically and economically feasible.


8. The provider will inform about the changes in the scope, quality and cost of services through its website or email notifications.


III. Rights and obligations of the Customer


1. The Customer undertakes to pay in due time for service charges.


2. The Client undertakes to use all services only in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, international treaties and in accordance with good manners.


3. The Customer will not use the Services in such a way as to bother other users, in particular by deliberately spreading viruses and sending unsolicited data and spam.


4. The Customer undertakes to protect all passwords related to the provided services. In case of reasonable suspicion of disclosure, the Customer commits to inform the Provider immediately and request a change of password or to change the password himself.


5. The Customer is responsible for all content created and displayed on the Internet (that is, materials that interfere with the rights of third parties) created by the Service. Provider is not responsible for this content.


IV. Payment Terms


1. The price for the services provided starts to be charged on the day the service is activated or on the day of termination of free trial operation if the free trial is currently offered.


2. The billing period is chosen by the client from the offered variants.


3. The length of the billing period may affect the price for the service. The current price of the service is available at www.trevlix.com.


4. The billing period may be changed for each subsequent billing period.


5. The Client shall pay the fee for the billing period in the form of a deposit before the beginning of the relevant billing period.


6. The payment date is the date on which the payment is credited to the provider's account.


7. After payment of the fee, the provider shall issue a tax document.


V. Free trial service


1. If the Provider offers time-limited free service, the Customer is entitled to use the service free of charge within this period.


2. The use of free trial operation does not oblige the Customer to subscribe to the service.


3. During the free trial operation, the Customer is not entitled to any compensation or warranty on the part of the Provider.


4. The level of support provided by the customer in free trial operation depends on the Provider's decision.


5. The Provider reserves the right to refuse to use the free trial at its sole discretion, especially if the circumstances of the order indicate a doubt about the Customer's serious interest in using the service.


VI. Deactivation and termination of service


1. If the Customer fails to pay properly and on the due date the deposit, functionality of the administration of the Service will be deactivated.


2. If the Customer delays payment of the service deposit for more than 14 days, the public part of the service (in particular the on-line booking system) will be deactivated.


3. The service is renewed no later than 2 working days after the total amount owed has been credited to the account of the service Provider.


4. If the customer delays payment of the service deposit for more than 90 days, the Service Provider is entitled to permanently delete all Customer data from the Service.


5. The Customer has the right to terminate service usage for each subsequent billing period. The Customer has the obligation to inform the Provider in writing or by e-mail about termination of use of the Service.


VII. License Agreement


1. After payment of the agreed price by the Customer to the account of the Provider, the Customer is granted the right to use the Service and its agreed modules for the purposes for which they are intended.


2. The license is granted for a period defined by the chosen length of the prepaid period from the date of activation.


3. Trevlix is a computer program product and is protected by copyright laws, as well as other laws and intellectual property agreements. The sole proprietor of Trevlix's copyright is ASCON IT, s.r.o..


VIII. Final Arrangements


1. These General Terms and Conditions are valid and effective as of 4.7.2018 and abolish the previous version of the General Terms and Conditions. The Provider reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions. The current version of the terms and conditions is always available at www.trevlix.com.