Arrival / departure days

If, for example, you only rent accommodation for the whole week in high season, you can use the "Arrival / Departure Days" restriction to set it up.


We'll show you how to easily set this limit in Trevlix in 3 steps.

1. In the Rates module, check your arrivals / departures

First, make sure that the "arrivals / departures" box is checked in the Rates module:

room rates

2. Arrival days

Suppose we want to allow arrivals and departures for the selected period only on Saturdays.


  • Click on the "arrivals" button for the selected room type.
  • Then we choose the date from - to for which the restriction will apply.
  • Then we will ban the arrival for all other days except Saturday



3. Departure days

We will do the same for departure days.


Click on the "departures" link for the selected room type and close all days except Saturday for departures.




Now in the Rates module on the Arrivals / Departures line we can see that arrivals and departures are only allowed on Saturdays in the set period.


To be sure, try to book the right and wrong accommodation dates from the guest's point of view to make sure you have everything set up correctly.
We recommend adding information about the allowed days for arrival and departure to the introductory text in the reservation system (Settings texts, conditions, policy and instructions). This type of restriction is a great complication for guests, for a guest without clear information it is not easy to "hit" the allowed date of arrival and departure at the time of booking, which can cause a significant decrease in accommodation bookings.

That's all, we're done 😃