Channel manager - initial setup

The purpose of the Channel manager is to save you the work of duplicating data entry into different systems and catalogs.


Channel manager is used to:

  • import reservations from accommodation catalogs to Trevlix
  • two-sided occupancy synchronization in Trevlix and accommodation catalogs like
  • export and update prices from Trevlix to catalogs


We'll do the initial setup for Channel Manager for you.


We only need from your side:

  • access data to the accommodation catalog (
  • know any surcharge or discount prices you want to export to the catalog compared to Trevlix prices
    (if you want prices in the catalog higher or lower than in Trevlix)


Previewing the steps for connecting to the Channel Manager below will help you imagine the connection process.

1. Setting up access to the Channel Manager

Channel manager - access info

2. Rates

If you have different rates defined in the catalog (eg Standard Rate, Non-Refundable, etc.), we will create the appropriate rates in Trevlix.

We set the percentage difference of the rate to the base price.



3. Choosing catalogs

Now we choose the accommodation catalogs that Trevlix will be connected to and the price models that will be used.

The is currently supported, Expedia and AirBnB are being prepared.


Channel manager Catalogs

4. Set catalog prices

Trevlix will export current prices to connected accommodation catalogs.

Here you can set an optional surcharge or discount on Trevlix prices for each catalog.


Catalog prices

5. Mapping of Trevlix and catalog rooms

Now we will show the Channel Manager, which Trevlix rooms correspond to the rooms in the accommodation catalog.

If you use different rates in the catalog, we will also link Trevlix and catalog rates here.


Mapping channel manager rooms

If for some reason we want to permanently remove some rooms from the catalog, we can set their number here.

In general, there is usually no reason for this, because the availability of catalogs is synchronized in minutes with the Channel Manager, preventing double booking of the same room.


Reserved rooms

6. Initial export of occupancy to the catalog

Now we can make an initial export of occupancy to the catalog. We should export for at least 1 year.

If the current occupancy status in the catalog is correct and the catalog does not delete it after switching to automatic mode, this step is not necessary.

Once the Channel Manager connection is completed, the occupancy will be automatically updated according to the current booking.


Export occupancy to channel manager


Export occupancy - progress

7. Export prices

Now we can export prices from Trevlix (with any surcharges / discounts) to the catalog.

If the current price list in the catalog is correct and the catalog does not delete it after switching to automatic mode, this step is not necessary.

The pricing will be updated when the connection is complete, based on the changes entered in Trevlix (keeping the set surcharges/ discount for the catalog) if this feature is enabled when setting the price.


Export prices to channel manager

Import future bookings from the catalog

We are now importing future bookings from the accommodation catalog if the accommodation has already been offered in the catalog and there are some future bookings in the catalog.

If these reservations have already been entered into Trevlix in another way, eg manually or using an iCalendar link, we need to set the manual reservations to a non-collision state and import the paired reservations from the Channel Manager. Do not perform this step yourself please, we will arrange it for you.


Import future bookings from channel manager

8. Final checkup

Now we check that the Trevlix connection status with the accommodation catalog is OK and the initial setup was successful.


Check connection status to accommodation catalog


Everything is OK, we're done :) Trevlix is now connected to the catalog.