Closing the room type for the Channel Manager catalog

Channel manager synchronizes occupancy so as to minimize the risk of overbooking (ie more bookings than your accommodation capacity).

The channel manager can also set a percentage markup for exporting prices to the catalog, which will help you offset the margin difference caused by the catalog's commission fees.

Therefore, under standard circumstances, there is no reason to close the room type only for the selected catalog.

However, some operators still prefer, for example, the sale of capacity in the high season with their own web reservations.

In such cases, you can use the room type closure function for the selected catalog.

1. How to close a room type

In Trevlix, click on:

Settings - Channel manager - Close room type for catalog

Uzavřít typ pokoje pro katalog

2. Select the room type, catalog and closing date

Now select the room type, catalog and closing date from - to.

Přidat uzávěru typu pokoje

That's all :)

You have just closed the room type for the selected catalog 👍

You can cancel the closing of the room by deleting the closure.