Discount for longer stays

Most accommodation operators prefer guests who book longer stays.

One-night stays are not very popular due to higher costs for cleaning, changing sheets, towels, check-in, check-out.


Some operators solve this by setting a minimum number of nights for accommodation. You can set this in Trevlix as a "restriction" in the Pricing module.


Other operators solve this by offering price discounts for longer stays.

It would seem logical to solve this with a surcharge for a short stay. Unfortunately, none of the main accommodation catalogs support this function.

All major global accommodation catalogs such as solve this problem with a discount for longer stays.

Thus, guests do not have the negative feeling that they are being punished for a short stay, but rather the positive feeling that they are being rewarded for a longer stay.

Setting the price rate for a longer stay

In the Trevlix administration, click on the button:


Settings - Set rates


set rates


here is an example of setting a price rate with a discount for stays longer than 3 days:


That's all :) Discount for longer stays is set.

Discount limited to selected rooms

If you do not want to use the discount for all rooms, you can still uncheck the rooms for which you do not provide a discount on the "valid for rooms" tab.