Google Free Booking Links

1. How to promote accommodation in Google Free Booking Links or Google Hotel Ads?

How can I benefit from offering my accommodation services on Google?
How can I export the availability and prices of my accommodation to Google?

Google Hotel Ads

Google Free Booking Links is a commission-free service that displays accommodation offers on Google.

Google Hotel Ads is a PPC (pay-per-click) service with priority display of accommodation offers in Google.

2. Why should I offer my accommodation services on Google?

Try to think about what you are doing when you plan your trip.

Will you use Google search engine? Or Google Maps?

Yes? Your guests do the same. It is important that they see not only your competitors but also you 🙂


ubytování google vyhledávač

3. What do I need to do to appear on Google?

  1. It is necessary to have a record in Google Business Profile. Instructions can be found here. 
    Once you sign up, you'll also automatically appear on Google Maps.
  2. You need to export accommodation units and synchronize current prices and availability with Google.
    Trevlix is a Google Connectivity Partner and we will be happy to provide the connection.
    Trevlix will automatically update your prices and availability with Google after activation.

Trevlix Google Partner

Therefore, you only need to ensure that the address of the accommodation is registered in Google Business Profile.
Trevlix will take care of everything else.

4. Vacation rentals cannot be advertised in Google Hotel Ads

Google Hotel Ads and Google Free Booking Links are only for hotel-type facilities (hotels, motels, guesthouses, hostels, chalets, capsule hotels, etc.).

Unfortunately, it is not possible to advertise vacation rentals, (ie a villa without a reception, rented as one accommodation unit, for a minimum stay of 14 days during the holidays).


To advertise on these Google services, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Rooms in which guests can stay
  • A place that is open to the public and where guests can make reservations, such as reception
  • The minimum stay requirement must not exceed 7 days

A description of accommodation categories and conditions for classification as hotels or holiday rentals can be found here.

If you contact us, we can find out if Google considers you a hotel-type facility or a vacation rental.

5. We provide hotel-type services, but Google considers us a vacation rental

Therefore, when registering your accommodation with Google Business Profile, be very careful to list the correct accommodation category.

It is important for Google to be able to accommodate random passers-by at a reception or fixed location that Google brings to your device (such as map navigation).


If you are eligible for hotel-type accommodations, please correct your Google Business Profile so that we can verify that the property can be activated to Google Free Hotel Links and Google Hotel Ads within 5 days.

6. Let's start it together 😉

Do you want your accommodation to be visible on Google?

If you already have your own Trevlix, contact us via the Questions module to activate the connection with Google Free Booking Links.

If you don't have Trevlix yet, try 30 days for free.


Let's start it together👍