How to register guests

You can find and edit guest records in the Guests module.

edit guest data

How do you assign guests to a reservation?

The basis for the proper functioning of guest records is the assignment of guests to the relevant reservations:


On each Reservation (Booking - edit) tab you will find the Guests tab.

Guest edit

  • It is important to note that the contact person who made the reservation is not automatically a guest
    (It is often, but not always, the case - for example, the accommodation is booked by an assistant or a substitute, or the reservation is canceled and the person does not stay. In addition, not all the necessary information about the contact person is available.)
  • 1 - a guest who has ever stayed with you,
    you assign it to the reservation by entering at least 3 characters from his surname in the field and choose the whisperer from the menu.
  • 2 - new guest
    to add it to the guestbook by clicking on "New Guest". Then you can assign it to the reservation in the standard way, ie you enter 3 characters from his last name in the field.
  • 3 - if the contact person is a guest,
    you can save work when registering a guest by clicking on the "New guest from contact" button. He will transfer all known contact details to the new guest card.
  • 4 - add more guests
    you can make a reservation by clicking on the plus button "+"
  • 5 - subscribe guests
    you can from the reservation by clicking on the minus button "-"
  • 6 -If you need to change a guest's details,
    you can click the edit button


Once you have assigned all the guests staying in the room to the reservation, click the Save button.