Hotel management statistics

This feature allows you to evaluate occupancy, revenue, and the most important reservation sources.


View statistics in:

Table - Statistics


Occupancy of room types

Occupancy charts show you the occupancy of each room type.


Total occupancy

You also have the total occupancy of all room types.

total occupancy

Monthly sales overview

The sales totals of all bookings that span the selected month are displayed in a table in all accepted currencies.

total sales

Source of reservations

The table and graph will also show you the share of each booking source in the selected month.

booking sources

Data evaluation

Management statistics can help you answer questions such as:

  • What is the occupancy of the accommodation in different seasons?
  • What resources bring the most guests?
  • What seasons should the events support?
  • What types of rooms to offer at events?
  • What revenue can you expect based on the previous season?

Trevlix will help you focus on optimizing the efficient use of your accommodation 👍