I have multiple accommodations

It often happens that the operator or owner operates several accommodation facilities at the same time.

In that case, solves the question:

Should I create 1 Trevlix account and put all establishments in it?

Or do I need a separate Trevlix account for each accommodation?

Usually the answer is simple:

One accommodation facility and several accommodation units

If there are multiple accommodation units (rooms, apartments) at the same address, under the same name of the accommodation facility, it will be one accommodation facility (a hotel or boarding house with several rooms, a group of apartments in one building, a group of cottages on one plot) and therefore one Trevlix account is sufficient.

More accommodation facilities

On the other hand, if these are separate accommodation facilities with a different address, then a separate Trevlix account must be created for each accommodation facility.


Operators sometimes think that they would rather save a few hundred crowns and put all accommodation units (rooms, apartments, cottages) of different accommodation facilities into one account and "they will have everything nicely together"...


In reality, however, they only complicate their work in many areas.


They have everything together, but the problem is that they have unrelated data in one pile.

All PMS (systems for accommodation facilities) are intended for one accommodation facility. If more than one is inserted into one account, a problem will arise, for example:

  • with one main address of the accommodation facility
  • one billing information
  • one communication email address for reservations and communication
  • one number series types of accounting documents (advance invoices of different accommodation facilities will be mixed together)
  • all reservations and payments will be mixed together
  • statistics and guest reports will not make sense (e.g. calculation of the city fee or export of data for reporting foreigners will not be possible, as guests from different accommodation establishments will be counted together), etc.

Problem with connection to accommodation catalogs when connecting multiple accommodation facilities to one account

And not only all PMS (accommodation systems), but also OTAs (accommodation catalogs) always have 1 account for only 1 accommodation.

For example Booking.com does not allow you to enter multiple accommodations at different addresses in one account under one ID. (They will allow you to link multiple accommodations, but that's something else, we'll get to that below.)
As an operator, you may have sighed: Why should I create another Booking account when I already have one? But the point is that the guest books accommodation either in guesthouse A in Olomouc or guesthouse B in Brno. The fact that both guesthouses are run by the same owner or operator is not primary for the guest, it is important for him which accommodation facility he is booking accommodation in. And the accommodation catalog must also look at it from this point of view.


So, if you already have an account with Booking, for example, and you have separate accommodation facilities here, always set up separate accounts in Trevlix as well.


💡Channel manager cannot by default connect 2 accounts, e.g. on Booking.com, with 1 account in the hotel system. Trevlix has a unique feature where it works in catalog mode and can combine multiple Booking, Airbnb, Expedia accounts into one account, but such a step should only be taken if it is necessary for some serious reason. It is not possible to combine multiple accommodation facilities from Google Free Booking Links into one account.


If you have a larger number of separate accommodation facilities with 1 accommodation unit (for which the same minimum payment is paid as for 5 rooms) and the resulting price therefore seems high to you, try writing to us via the Questions module. Maybe we can come up with some discount together 👍

Oh well, but I don't want to keep logging out and logging in between multiple Trevlix accounts

If you enable both passwords to be saved in the browser on the secure device, then switching between accounts will be a matter of a maximum of 3 seconds.


But we know that time is precious, and simplicity and user convenience is law #1 for us.

That's why you can link your Trevlix accounts by just clicking the icon to switch between them.

2 icon switch to another accommodation facility


If you wish to set up a connection between multiple accounts, just send a request from both accounts to set up the connection of accounts from the Question module.