Export reservations from Trevlix to Google Calendar

Using the iCalendar format, you can export availability (reservations) from Trevlix to Google Calendar.

We'll show you how.

If you do not have the iCalendar module active, please send us a request using the Query button in Trevlix.

If you do not know how to deal with something, we will help you by email info@trevlix.cz :)


Step 1 - Export availability from Trevlix to Google Calendar

In Trevlix, click Settings - Set Export in iCalendar format


Export icalendar


The iCalendar format interconnects individual rooms (or other accommodation units).

So first we choose the first of the rooms, such as "Double Room 201" in Trevlix.

Click the "copy to clipboard" button next to the selected room.

Step 2 - Import occupancy into Google Calendar

Now add a new calendar from your URL to your Google Calendar account:


Nový Google Kalendář z URL adresy


Paste the address copied from Trevlix and save.



Vložit URL adresu exportu z Trevlixu do Google Kalendáře


Name the calendar according to the room.


Pojmenování kalendáře podle pokoje


Now repeat the procedure for all rooms.

Done :)

Now your reservations from Trevlix are imported into Google Calendar.


According to Google, Google Calendars from the URL are updated every "several hours".

So you can expect regularity between about 6-24 hours.