1. Reservation statuses

The reservation gets into different states over time.

You can change the reservation status in the reservation editing window. Hovering the mouse over the reservation name displays help with a description of the status.

status of reservation


The reservation is marked in the same color in the reservation calendar:

stav rezervace kalendář

2. Blocking and non-blocking reservation states

The two main states of booking types are:


1) BLOCKING other reservations in this period:

  • option - the deadline is already blocked, but the operator should still check any questions or requests from the guest, etc.
  • temporary option - the term is blocked for a specified period. If the reservation is not confirmed or paid online during this time, the reservation will be automatically canceled and a cancellation notification will be sent to the guest's email.
  • confirmed - date is blocked, reservation checked
  • accommodated
  • ended
  • other

Reservations in this state will not allow further reservations in the conflict period in order to avoid overbooking, ie a situation where the accommodation facility accepts more reservations than its capacity.


2) NON-BLOCKING other reservations in this period:

  • awaiting approval - you can select this status in the system settings as the default for reservations with an unpaid deposit, if you have an active payment gateway. The deadline is then not blocked until the payment is made.
  • cancellation
  • did not show up

Reservations in this state will either not be received at all on the tarpaulin of the booking calendar if you do not wish to (cancellation) or will be displayed in a transparent color (it was built for approval, it will not happen). The date is still free for further bookings.

3. Reservation payment status

The payment status of the reservation is a separate and independent status.

It is not distinguished by color, but by an icon at the beginning of the reservation label.


The reservation can be in the state:

  • unpaid (not marked with any icon)


  • partially reimbursed (marked with a circle dot icon and a border)

částečně uhrazeno

  • paid (marked with a check mark icon and a dark border)


4. Reservation source (web, Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, admin, ...?)

The icon in front of the name indicates the source of the reservation. For example, a reservation entered from the Trevlix admin, an online reservation from the website, a reservation from Booking, Expedia, Airbnb or imported via iCalendar.


For example, the globe icon indicates an online reservation from the site, the B icon indicates a reservation from Booking.com:


7-zdroj-rezervace-ikonazdroj Booking


You can also find out information about the source of the reservation by holding the mouse in the reservation editing window:

edit booking

5. New reservations

New reservations that are in the system for less than 24 hours will be alerted by a white dot symbol in the upper right corner:


Nová rezervace


If more than one person in different shifts takes care of the reception or guests, they don't have to send each other confused messages like "we have a new last minute reservation No. 154 in room No. 11 tomorrow". A white dot symbol will alert you to a new reservation.