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Many types of devices are available within the TTLock system with worldwide distribution. One of the most interesting solutions for accommodation facilities are smart locks for direct access to the room or smart boxes for keys or access cards.


Smart locks enable completely unattended accommodation of the guest, who receives a unique access code to his room valid for the duration of his stay.


You will need:

  • TTLock gateway (WiFi gateway for remote control of multiple TTLock devices online)
  • TTLock smart lock with numeric keypad
  • or smart box for keys/access cards TTLock Keybox

You can buy locks , boxes and gateway for example on Aliexpress - be careful with the device, it must be TTLock support is indicated.


TTLock smart handle - previewTTLock gateway - previewTTlock Box - preview


TTLock device support is new in test operation from 07/2023.

Setting up Trevlix connection with TTLock

To activate the connection of Trevlix with TTLock smart locks contact us from the Inquiries module of your Trevlix.