1. Booking.com - preparation for Channel manager activation

Channel manager ensures between Trevlix and Booking.com:

  • occupancy synchronization
  • import reservations from Booking
  • synchronization of price settings and restrictions for the Booking catalog (any surcharge to Trevlix prices can be set)

2. Channel manager price

Before activating the Channel manager, please check the current price of the service https://www.trevlix.com/en/price-list/ (lower on the page) and make sure you agree with it.

Monthly fees are paid from activation until written announced deactivation of the Channel manager (e.g. by request directly from Trevlix or via support email).

Synchronization cannot be turned off and on, e.g. out of season, the integrity of the connection would be violated and it would be necessary to reactivate the Channel manager.

3. If you wish to activate the Channel manager

  1. If you do not already have a Booking.com account, please create one here: https://join.booking.com/?lang=en 
    Warning: If Booking asks you during registration if you use Channel manager, answer no. Otherwise, it could happen that Booking will block you from activating the accommodation facility and creating user accesses until you activate the Channel manager - and the activation of the Channel manager will paradoxically become very complicated due to these blocks.
  2. Check accommodation capacity match, i.e. whether you have all types of rooms from Booking in the correct number also in Trevlix and whether the maximum number of guests in each type of room matches (deviations caused by the specific way of setting the number you don't have to deal with children on Booking).
    It will also be clearer for you if you name the room types in Booking in the same way as in Trevlix (extranet Booking - Property - Property Layout / Room details - choose room type - Custom name - optional).
  3. Check if you have activated the Rates module in Trevlix and entered room prices. If the default currency set in Trevlix and Booking is different, no problem, Trevlix will automatically convert the currency.
  4. Please grant us access to the admin.booking.com account for your accommodation, so that we can set up a connection with the Channel manager.
    You can find easy procedure for assigning access to Booking.com here (please do not send us your password to Booking.com, but just create access for our account according to the instructions)
  5. Please send us the information on how we should set the initial surcharge to Trevlix prices for the Booking.com catalog. A popular surcharge is 15% of the usual contractual commission of the Booking catalog, but that is up to you. It can be changed at any time later.

After assigning access to Booking, we will also verify the matching of accommodation capacity settings in Booking and Trevlix and then we will inform you about the activation date of the Channel manager.

4. Note: Correct procedure for initial occupancy synchronization

On initial booking from Booking.com all future bookings from Booking will be imported into Trevlix.

Therefore, you do not need to have reservations from Booking.com in Trevlix before activating the Channel manager.

(This is the ideal situation. If you have already entered reservations from Booking manually in Trevlix, we will have to cancel them after activating the Channel manager and import reservations from Booking instead - these imported reservations will be linked to automatic status changes from Booking. If necessary, we will usually solve this for you immediately after activating the Channel manager.)


Please enter all bookings from sources other than Booking (e.g. email, telephone orders) in Trevlix before activating the Channel manager, so that the correct occupancy, including bookings from all other sources, is exported from Trevlix to Booking after activation.