Price settings in Trevlix

If you fill in the prices in the Rates module, Trevlix calculates the actual cost of accommodation to guests,

according to the length of the accommodation, the date and the number of guests.

What can you easily set up in the Rates module ?

  • different room rates for different seasons (holidays, Christmas, New Year's Eve, off-season prices ...)
  • different room rates based on the number of guests in the room
  • minimum number of nights accommodation for the selected period
  • children's discount for a child up to a specified age


All this can be set in the simplest way possible 🙂 Let's take a look at it.


Everything is set in a similar, simple form in which you choose the "From - To" season and the days of the week for which the new setting is to be used.

1. Basic price setting

You can set the price up to 18 months in advance. For example, set the basic price for the entire period first and then change the prices in the seasons when the accommodation is more expensive or cheaper. If you have a different weekend price, you can easily set it by ticking the appropriate days for which the settings are applied.


First, click on the Rates Module:


Then click on "Default price" next to the room type for which you are entering the price:

default price

and enter the price for the selected period

Basic price settings

2. Optional price setting for different number of guests in the room

First, make sure that the "Prices for different number of guests" box is checked in the Rates module:

room rates

Then click on "Price for X people" for the type of room for which you are entering a price

price for 3

and enter the price for the selected period:

Price settings for different number of guests

The display of the prices set in the Rates module is very clear

Display of the prices set in the Rates module


Now just check if you have set prices for all days and for all room types.

Check prices

and you can activate the Pricing module

Activate module Rates

Trevlix now counts the price of accommodation :)

Online booking


You will also see the price in the system administration.

You can see the total price for the group reservation and the price of the individual reservation.


Booking price in administration

Restriction settings

Instructions for setting restrictions, such as:

minimum number of nights, minimum number of days of online reservations in advance, allowed arrival and departure days 

can be found here.