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Online accommodation reservation system

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No more silly off-line forms

The guest wants to see on your web what rooms are available at the required date. He doesn't want to call at the reception. He just clicks on another hotel website.

More profitable reservations

Hoteliers are surprised by the increase in orders after they have exchanged a silly off-line form for the online reservation system.

For a funny price

Do you have a few rooms and you don't want to pay 200 € a month? You don't have to. Just 3.6 € for you 🙂 We're different.
Booking engine - online booking system

Want more direct bookings?

With Trevlix, you get an online reservation system for your website already included in the price of the basic license. Trevlix is optimized to make booking as easy as possible for guests and maximize the number of completed bookings📈.Trevlix is also a Google Connectivity partner so you can get more direct bookings without commission fees from Google as well.

I want more direct bookings for my website

And what if you change your mind? Feel free! Try it without obligation.

Tired of manually rewriting bookings from Booking.com?

Turn on the Channel manager function. It will do it automatically for you.

At a price much lower than you've seen elsewhere.

We currently support Booking.com and Expedia, Google Free Booking Links and Airbnb.
And you can also export occupancy to other catalogs with the iCalendar module.

Save yourself nightmares when dealing with overbooking, when you don't have time to rewrite the reservation manually in all catalogs in time, and guests that you have nowhere to accommodate start coming to you during peak hours 😟


No more manual rewriting of reservations and overbooking

You have nothing to lose. Try it smarter and without unnecessary manual work

Channel manager

Why Trevlix?

Clear booking calendar

At first glance you can see who is staying, who is coming and what is the status of the reservation.

Start online booking on your website in a few seconds

Just copy the prepared one-line code and paste it into your site.

Group bookings

Both in administration and for guests. Will a big family or group come? One group reservation will solve this problem.

Prices and Currencies

Possibility to set prices for each day separately, in bulk or for selected days of the week. Automatic conversion to foreign currencies.

Channel Manager

So that you don't have to enter the occupancy manually in many places. Automatic synchronization with Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb and Google Free Booking Links. iCal export to other catalogs.

Guestbook, online Check-in

Guest data records. Exports. Online Check-In - guests can fill in all details in advance online.

Sales and occupancy statistics

graphs of room occupancy, total monthly sales in accepted currencies


automatic messages with instructions to guests before arrival, with a request for reviews after departure, etc.

Discount coupons and vouchers

automatic application of discount codes and vouchers when booking.

What's new

Online payments for accommodation

Payment of the full amount or advance deposit for accommodation online. Your certainty that the guest does not change his mind and does not arrive without even informing you.

Invoices, sales documents

Send or print accounting documents directly from Trevlix. Export to Excel, XML Stormware or universal ISDOC format.

Online payment for advance invoices

Online payments for advance invoices sent by a payment link.

Conversion tracking

Ability to measure conversions and traffic for Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook and Sklik.cz

Self-service accommodation

Reduce costs and increase guest comfort. Online check-in, support for key boxes and smart locks.


Trevlix's public interface for easy automated connection to other applications and systems.

Payment gateway - Deposits for accommodation

How does the booking system look like on your hotel website?
Automatic occupancy updates
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