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No more silly off-line forms

The guest wants to see on your web what rooms are available at the required date. He doesn't want to call at the reception. He just clicks on another hotel website.

More profitable reservations

Hoteliers are surprised by the increase in orders after they have exchanged a silly off-line form for the online reservation system.

For a funny price

Do you have a few rooms and you don't want to pay 200 € a month? You don't have to. Just 3.6 € for you 🙂 We're different.
online rezervace ubytování

Pencil and paper? Excel? Off-line hotel system?

We are in the 21st century😉 The hotel website visitor rightly expects to be able to book online on your website and see what rooms are available at the required date. He doesn't want to do a complicated search, ask you by email or phone, doesn't want to wait for the answer and then start searching again. The competition is only a few clicks away. 

I want online booking for my website

And what if you change your mind? Feel free! Try it without obligation.

Don't divert your website visitors to catalogs

If you have a "silly" off-line form on your hotel website without the current occupancy status and room rates, you are diverting visitors to the accommodation catalogs. They would like to stay with you, but they didn't get a chance. So they might try booking your hotel in the catalog, which takes a substantial part of your profit in the fees. And worse, they will see there your closest competitors, nicely arranged, with their action offers. Why???


STOP! I don't want my website visitors to go away

You can't lose anything. You can only get more profitable orders from your web.

katalog ubytování cena

Why Trevlix?

Clear booking calendar

At first glance you can see who is staying, who is coming and what is the status of the reservation.

Start online booking on your website in a few seconds

Just copy the prepared one-line code and paste it into your site.

Group bookings

Both in administration and for guests. Will a big family or group come? One group reservation will solve this problem.

Prices and Currencies

Possibility to set prices for each day separately, in bulk or for selected days of the week. Automatic conversion to foreign currencies.

Channel Manager

We want you not to have to enter everything manually into many systems. Automatic export of occupancy to Booking.com, Expedia. Coming soon: Airbnb and Agoda.

Guestbook, online Check-in

Guest data records. Exports. Online Check-In - guests can fill in all details in advance online.

What's new

Online payments for accommodation

Payment of the full amount or advance deposit for accommodation online. Your certainty that the guest does not change his mind and does not arrive without even knowing you.

Invoices, sales documents

Send or print accounting documents directly from Trevlix. Export to Excel, XML Stormware or universal ISDOC format.

Online payment for advance invoices

Online payments for advance invoices sent by a payment link.

Conversion tracking

Ability to measure conversions and traffic for Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook and Sklik.cz

Self-service accommodation

Reduce costs and increase guest comfort. Online check-in, support for offline key boxes, and online GSM KeyBoxes.


Trevlix's public interface for easy automated connection to other applications and systems.

Payment gateway - Deposits for accommodation

How does the booking system look like on your hotel website?
Automatic occupancy updates
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