Trevlix API

If you're looking for help for Booking engine (or  how to embed Trevlix on your website), you don't need an API, just copy the short code into your web. Help for embed on the web here .
The Trevlix API allows you to connect to any application. The application can retrieve data from Trevlix via the API and send its data to Trevlix. Only data that you allow.

When you say API, every experienced developer imagines many months of hard work.

But we're Trevlix and we want to do things differently 😉


So you can find out the availability of the whole accommodation with a single command GET /availability-all/ 

And send us your reservation with one command POST /booking-create/ 


Now you probably think that's nice, but I'll still have to study three hundred pages of incomprehensible documentation, and I'll spend at least a month developing the basic features of the trial-and-error API connection.


No, we are developers ourselves and we know how frustrating it is.


So in 5 minutes you can use the API happily. Just "Easy peasy, lemon squeezy". That's how we like it👍